Share as Much or as Little as You Want People to Know

A Medical Passport™ allows you to keep vital health information at your fingertips. It provides access to any information you need to share about your health, vaccination status, medications, medical history, surgeries, allergies and health insurance. It can also link to copies of prescriptions, test results and other critical information. It’s easy to update and it’s free.

For Your Travels

Fast access to identity and insurance details, health professional contact information, vaccination records, next of kin and vital medical records.

For Emergencies

Potentially life-saving information about medical conditions, medications, allergies, surgical history and health insurance.

For Your Own Health

Learn about health issues and take control over your own health narrative with a profile you can build, curate, use for reference, and track over time.

So How Does It Work?

Fill Out the Form

You provide the details and we'll email you a free Medical Passport™. Keep a copy on you at all times. You can edit and update the information online, add file attachments and get a new copy any time you like.

Get it Certified

On application, a registered doctor will verify the data against your health records, accessed with your permission, and certify the document. He/she may also suggest changes to make it more useful.

Order the Full Version

Get your certified version printed and bound for travel purposes, presented like a passport, along with optional QR-code cards and/or lanyard linking to the online version.

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